I have had my share of wildy interesting life experiences so far be it for me to tell anyone how to do anything or suggest that I somehow have a fast fix for anyone’s life or know the perfect path to enlightenment (insert sarcasm because I am still working figuring that out). I am here to share my experiences, learn about yours,  have conversations and discuss ideas that may be of value to others (like me) that may not have always listened to their own instincts or followed their own gut in the choices they have made along the way in their life but are ready to get off the roller coaster of the boxed idea of following all the rules such as the biggest one…  the 9-5 and die life (note: I am not belittling anyone who likes the security of what they feel is the safety of the big box life. Everyone’s journey is their own and that big box life, it does have it’s perks for sure. The paid 2 week vacation and insurance and that 401K and all, its just not for me).

This site is for those of us, the rebels and bohemian souls that don’t fit in any kind of box and those of us who refuse to be labeled.

I wanted to have a place to discuss ideas, adventures and other ways of looking at how we approach the things we do in life both intentional and unintentional that will expand ideas and open possibilities that may lead each of us to the freedome of creating life the way we want it to be in both our work and personal lives. Hopefully the two will be in harmony with a seamless existence so that one feels connected to the other in the most joyful way.

In my journey I still find amazement in all that I discover  about the world, life, myself and how I live my life and the work I do.  I try to be open to anything and everything that will provide expansion in my life. The eye opener for me was when I realized I was becoming a perpetual student of personal growth, forever seeking answers from coaches, programs and gurus and never really walking the talk about what I learned or already knew, thinking someone else had some magic answers for all my woes and questions.

They did in a way. They taught me the answers are not out there.. they are in me.

I discovered most of the guru teachings are simply each of those individuals versions of their truth and each of us has our own truth. Sometimes we need a someone to help us find it but it is there. We all want to be happy. I am grateful for finding many answers along the way and even better, many more questions but the most important thing I have learned along the way is the answers to everything I needed to know were already inside me.

The gurus were simply the messengers to help me find the answers in myself to what I was seeking out in the world.

With out a doubt, I still read and listen to people I admire, love and respect and I take what resonates with me (with gratitude) and explore it but I have long stopped trying to fit in to one spiritual modality, lifestyle or work model and choose to simply be who I am.  I will call BS on things that don’t resonate or really need a discussion because at the end of the day it is our own inner BS (Belief Systems) that dictate our lives and we can recreate it as many times as necessary to find what fits us on this journey. I hope you always question if what you believe is actually your own BS and it is coming from your heart and not programming that has been downloaded into your realty via parents, relatives, religious organizations, schools, society and most of all the media! Sometimes the lines are blurred and it is hard to let go of what we once thought was real but when we do… then the liberation really begins!

A bit about me personally:

I have owned businesses. Lost businesses. I have ad some horrible jobs but they allowed me to meet some amazing people. Had my heart broken, more than once, but still believe in real love.  I love the simple things in life like family, friends, quite moments by the water, reading endlessly, small shops with things made by skilled crafters and artists, vintage goodies, food, wine, music, photography, mom an pop restaurants and fancy bistros, organic farmers, essential oils, hand made lotions, soaps and potions, organic wellness products, massages.  I have a passion for all things artsy and creative like sewing, painting, gardening, photography, cooking, crafting, creating and joyful conversations as well as heated debates about keeping life and the earth real and organic. I have a fiery passion for small business, entrepreneurs and things that move us forward in sustainable and organic ways and I super love a good guru who can inspire me to push myself to be my truest and best self.

As required: Disclosure: As with all things in life, your decisions and choices are your own. In no way is anything in this blog to be considered advice, medical, career or otherwise. Many of the things I suggest are or may be affiliate programs and I may receive a commission from the affiliate. I do not recommend anything that I or a trusted colleague has used and suggested to me but know for sure that everything I share is shared with love and good will in hoping it is of value to the lives of others but again, as with all things, everyone has different results in what they do and that includes any business opportunities, personal growth and wellness topics posted here but if you apply a positive and forward moving effort your chances of success increase greatly. Also required disclosure, ( I do follow most rules) I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker in Washington State.