Am I Good Enough Just The Way I Am?

· Maybe I don't want to be a 6 figure this or that, maybe I just want to be me. ·

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

Am I the only one wondering ‘am I good enough just the way I am?’
Ok, trick question. I know I am not alone in this.
I don’t really ‘fit in’ the mainstream world. I never have and that has led me down an interesting road in life.
I am a reader and for some time now I have been caught up reading the latest greatest personal development books, joining groups, enrolling in programs, downloading PDF’s like a hoarder, opting into way too many FB groups and signing up for way too many webinars all designed to tell people (mostly women) how to be a better person.
It’s a never-ending bombardment of gimmicks and propaganda on how to be a perfect person, which I voluntarily fell for.
I see the flavor of the current times is as follows:
To be happy one must own a big business, be perfectly spiritual, eat the perfect foods, live in the perfect place, have perfect thoughts, perfect friends, been to Mt. Picchu or traveled the monasteries in India and the biggest bamboozlement…. always be happy and looking like a goddess who should be riding on a unicorn into the clouds….. Ok, not exactly (but, yes, I have seen guru’s promoting this vision with photos of themselves as such and I shake my head) but you get the gist.

I have been experiencing a slow epiphany and suddenly I find I have slammed on the brakes and realized I have been chasing the proverbial carrot and having a good belly laugh at my silliness.
Ok, not really. I am kind of pissed at myself to tell you the truth because I like to think of myself as a free-thinker yet I signed up over and over looking for others to tell me what my life should look like. Good thing I have learned to listen to my inner rebel and call BS when I feel like things are not intuitively making sense. You know that gut feeling we get but many of us try to ignore? Yes, that one!
I admit in my quest to break out of the old habits and move forward from my mistakes I got caught up in the belief I had to have, do and be something that would align with the illusion of perfect since my young life was so colorfully outside the lines of society but alas, it has been basically just another version of the white picket fence story I bought into as a young woman.

So now that I have had this epiphany I can really live and believe and be perfectly happy just being me. I can live my perfect little corner of the world with my not so perfect life and my eclectic group of friends and my not so traditional family?
So many gurus have created a funnel of never-ending ways to cash in on our fears, confusion, and mistakes and I am not saying there are not some good coaches and leaders putting out good information but beware of the B.S. that is also out there. Don’t feel bad if you don’t fit into some of the categories out there. Take the bits that make sense to you from each person along the way (and be sure to give some back along the way too) and make sure it resonates with you and what makes you feel whole and happy. Stop chasing the never-ending overload of marketing experts offering you the solution. The solution is already inside you as it is in all of us.
Be wary of anyone telling you they can tell you your life purpose if you buy their 21 week course or join their program or read their book. Yes, read, Yes, always try to expand your mind and spirit but remember. A good guide, mentor or coach will not promise you anything, they will help you look within to find your own answers.
With that I hope you live your uniquely perfectly imperfect life on whatever level that you feel driven to take it. Just remember, you are perfect and do what gives you joy. Your joy will give others the inspiration to also find their joy. Maybe together we can be joyfully happy just the way we are even if you are the girl on the unicorn!

Shared with love!

Shelley Michael