Let’s talk B.S.

· Why do you believe the things you do? ·

September 30, 2015 0 Comments 2 Photos

Let’s talk B.S. No, not that kind! The Belief System kind of B.S. We all know the foundation of everything we believe was learned and or taught to us during our childhood years. The good, bad and the ugly. Our religious beliefs, our beliefs in family structure, social structure. Schools and teachers influenced how and what we learned as well as our relatives, friends and neighbors and as we grow and mature we allow these beliefs to settle in and stick with us often for our entire lives unless we make a conscious effort to evaluate them from time to time through out our lives and empty the hard drive if you will and upload BS that works for us in the now.

A very big and damaging one is “I am not good enough”. Yikes… How many of us have ever said that to ourselves or felt it on more than one occasion. I know I thought that for years but it was so subliminal I would have argued with you all day telling you how tough, strong and independent I was but I confess I always had that ” I am not good enough” thing going on somewhere inside my head and it was put there by family. Yes, them! It seemed to get louder as I got older and experienced life’s bumps in the road until one day I found myself all sheltered in my own little bubble living in my comfortable easy life telling myself I liked it that way. What a bunch of BS that was! I was hiding behind a lot of personal fears and decided to ask myself who the hell had I become?! Since when was I afraid to step out of my comfort zone and do something new? It took some inner work (yes I am an expert at that) but I got myself out of that funk and started recreating my life. Letting go of what wasn’t working and staring new projects. It wasn’t easy and is still in motion but that is the fun of it. I am doing something new and not letting old ideas get in my way. I could go on about B.S. and I will in other posts as it is an infinite conversation we can go there in almost everything we do.
One of the things I accomplished that was huge for me was getting my Live Coaching certification an all the people I met and how it changed everything about how I look at life. I try to have more fun, be open to new ideas but most of all I know I am good enough and if I can accomplish one thing on my journey to let everyone I meet that they are fabulously good enough!. We are all good enough. We all have a place here on this earth and we can all accomplish anything we believe we can. If you need someone to help you work on some of your BS find a good coach and liberate yourself!

Shelley Michael