So now what, a new Business Perhaps?

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September 14, 2016 4 Comments 3 Photos

So now what, a new business perhaps? The world is changing so fast. Just one generation ago our mothers never dreamed of starting a business at home, online or even opening a store or cafe after their kids left home. Now, we have unlimited tools and resources right in the comfort of our own homes to create anything we can dream of yet, many of us have no idea what we can or want to do. Too many choices? Maybe. Not enough training? Ok, maybe, but one thing for certain, we do have a lot to bring to the world. Experience, wisdom, maturity, well mostly on the maturity…just kidding. There are many things that are going by the wayside like real food and real remedies. (my favs).
Networking is in big demand so if you are naturally a social person you can take that to the bank.

For me, I have always had the entrepreneurial bug. I have owned restaurants. I currently, work as a real estate broker and I have even done some radio work, that was super fun and I intend to do more. Who ever thought that was possible? The pizza queen on the radio?
I see the huge opportunity in owning an online business or two or three and the freedom that comes with it. Something I didn’t have in as a restaurateur or RE Broker and because I see the opportunity i want to share it with as many people as possible. If you can say one thing about me is I have a rebel spirit and believe fiercely in being independent in life and business. I hope to help as many people as possible find a way to live and work in a way that offers them freedom, connections and a way to make as much money as they need to live the rest of their lives happily and comfortably.
If you have a dream I hope you follow it because all the tools are available for you including people willing to help you. Like me!
I don’t have all the answers, everyday is a new day but I will share what I know as I learn and hope it helps you.

September 15, 2016

Shelley Michael


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