Feel like you’ve hit a wall?

· It happens to the best of us ·

September 26, 2015 0 Comments

Feel like you’ve hit a wall in your business or personal life? We’ve all been there. It’s miserable and the feeling of what to do or how to change direction can be overwhelming. I know, I have hit a few of them along my way and had to start over more than once. Not fun in the moment but looking back each time I hit that wall and thought my world was over I found I had more strength that I realized and was able to rally and pull myself up and that the steps in the journey we’re actually very good for me. We all need to be nudged out of things once in a while and sometimes we fight that nudge and hold on to the old thing for dear life and then later we can look back in wonder and say how grateful we are that we hit that wall. Not that I advise waiting until you hit the wall to change direction in life, sometimes that is the toughest way to go so if you are able to see the wall coming up and make that turn before you hit it, go for it. You may not need the bigger lesson and can yoour

September 30, 2015

Shelley Michael