Plants are Food

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September 15, 2016 4 Comments 2 Photos

I am never at a loss as to how to understand how it is people do not know plants are food, or in other words, our food comes from the earth. Not a box that goes into a microwave to further destroy the food like products they try to pass off for food… Ok, I can’t blame the ‘them’ because ‘we’ are ultimately responsible for what we eat and making the choice between food and food-like products and if one is still not sure how to tell if something is food, read your labels. If you cannot pronounce the words and have no idea what those unpronounceable words mean… Hint. Do not eat it. You’re welcome!

We certainly have come a long way baby. Unfortunately, it was the wrong way but thankfully we are figuring it out because we have a lot of damage to undo both to the planet and the people.

The list of toxic chemicals in our food (and personal care but that’s another conversation) is criminal. One of my favorite blogs to follow is The Food Babe she keeps it fun, real and it is super easy to navigate her site. If you don’t know about GMO’s and how bad they really are you can find many sites that have good information. I suggest avoiding the mainstream corporate-owned sites and connecting with those who are on the ground doing the hard work, to tell the truth. A great site I recommend the March Against Monsanto blog. They can use all the support they can get.

As with all things, please do your homework and take care of yourself, each other and the planet.

Shelley Michael


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