If you could live and work anywhere, where would you choose to go?

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September 16, 2016 0 Comments 3 Photos

I have a great love for Greece, it was the first place outside the US I visited (not counting Canada). I will never forget the fist time I visited. I spent several weeks there including staying in the neighborhood of Piraeus and I also went on a fabulous road trip around the country and did some island hopping. I can’t say for certain which island I love the most because they are all uniquely amazing but Hydra did catch my hear as well as Aegina is beautiful.
I used to think I would move there but then I met Italy and fell even more in love there. What a stunning country it is. I have still have a few cities on my list but I will say Rome is, of course, brilliant, the Amalfi coast is breathtaking and the Island of Capri is magical.
Then I went to France… more magic. It was a short visit so I was nto able to see much but the food… Wow… The food! I will be returning soon. I have may more places on the list including my grandmother’s home country of Norway and my father’s home country of Iceland. I will try to see so I can narrow down a favorite, or two… That may not be possible but I am trying. If you have a similar spirit and desire to travel you can get a ton of great info at http://www.liveandinvestoverseas.com/ Have fun checking it out and stay in touch. I always love to hear travel stories!


September 15, 2016

Shelley Michael