Where do you go to reconnect with yourself?

· A little down time...good for the heart and soul. ·

September 13, 2016 0 Comments 1 Photos

Where do you go to reconnect with yourself? Do you meditate, exercise, dance, go to a park or beach? As much as I love meditation I often find it difficult… Yes, I know, that is all the more reason to do it but sometimes a quick stop at the beach to just sit and absorb the magnificence of the planet and the joy of not doing anything works for me. Sometimes I just sit in my chair and close my eyes for a few minutes. I don’t always go deep but I breath and turn off the outside even for a couple minutes to reconnect with myself.
I often feel out of place in the world, I am not extremely motivated to be a big wheeler dealer or a hot shot of any kind nor am I interested in being small. I find my sweet spot in watching and reading with moments of writing. I have a lot of things inside me that I often feel I need to say but they don’t often come out. I embrace this and let things flow the way they will.
Another crazy challenge is my ability to pick one thing to do. The experts all say pick one thing and do it well and I absolutely get that but I am such a curious person I have decided my one thing is explore! I love to know what others are doing and creating and I love to share the amazing stories and businesses with others. I think they call that networking even tho I never considered myself a networker because my personality is mostly introvert with extrovert pockets. I am complex and sometimes that feels fun and other times it feels crazy but I own it and continue on my own journey creating my own niche on this planet which is ever growing and changing but the one constant is to always follow my own path! I hope you embrace your own journey and find your own magical place along the way!

Shelley Michael