Your journey should include time for desert!

September 17, 2016 0 Comments 4 Photos

I don’t know how who or why our society has become the way it has but we need to make sure we include time for desert! I dont think life should be all about work, stuff, bigger and more meaning life will be better. Not that I don’t like to work, quite the opposite, however, I am seriously opposed to cubicles in high rise buildings and rush hour traffic and I do like stuff, just not useless stuff. I know that is subjective but we can all agree consumerism is out of control. In my young life, like many, we lived without a lot of ‘things’ and we ate very simply meaning we didn’t get desert often.
In my 20’s I got a corporate job and soon became disillusioned with the politics and overall design of the system to keep people in their place. I actually befriended a woman (one of the few who would help me when I needed it) she want not a happy woman at all but she took a liking to me and I to her. I remember asking her how long she had worked there. Her answer caused the blood to run out of my head. She said 40 years. 40 YEARS in the same cubicle. Yikes. My rebel spirit woke up and said run. Run as fast as you can this is not at all what they tell you it is.
Shortly thereafter I was able to open my first business, a restaurant. Like that was easy but I did it and boy did I think I was doin’ it! I upsized my home, I bought high-end cars, and all the other trimmings consumerism offered. I would only shop at Nordstrom, in the best departments. Oye was I living the debt… oops, I mean dream.
Needless to say that life imploded, there is an entirely separate story here but I will save that for later but I did have to sell the big house and when I was packing and having garage sales I was stunned by the excess amount of junk I owned. Rooms full of useless stuff much of what was even unopened or unused. I had 3 garage sales and still had enough stuff to furnish a 2 bedroom apartment if that tells you anything. I was in some sort of panic being pulled from what I thought was supposed to be the life perfect and make me happy and suddenly having to walk away from it without knowing where I was going. I struggled and searched, and I still do as I have discovered this life thing, it is a never ending journey.
I tried corporate life again. Same problem. My heart said run so I became a real estate broker selling mostly small business and finding space for people to open businesses. I still work in that industry but my heart is called for something more so I became a certified life coach and advocate for people to do what they want to do not what they think they have to. Yes, we all have responsibilities but we also have a responsibility to ourselves to do the best we can to create a life that suits what makes us tick. We all have a part on the planet and hopefully, we can live our lives to the fullest and in kindness, peace, and love. There is no one size fits all scenario, there is find what works best for you and don’t forget to find a little time for desert.

September 20, 2016

Shelley Michael