What is my Purpose?

· Should we spend our entire life searching for it? ·

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

What Is My Purpose?
Hmmm… Such a loaded question. I have spent the majority of my life trying to find the answer to that question. So far, it’s not going that great. I have read books, been to energy healers, gurus, hypnotists, psychics. You name it I have pretty much tried it. I have had many jobs. None delivered anything remotely what I would consider my purpose. I was much more aligned with some jobs more than others so what the heck is ‘My Calling’ dammit! I have no clue. I know what things I love to do and how I feel when I do them but they are not my ‘purpose’. So, back again to, what is purpose anyway.
I find it curious when people say ‘this is why I am here’ and then go on to say its regarding some big sales job. What the hell? Who really came here with the intent to be a salesperson? Do they believe that? Probably not. The are probably saying the same thing to themselves as I am. I must have a purpose so I’ll make this it. I understand whey folks say things like that, it is usually a high paid sales job that they are referring to so, is it the money? Is the intent of finding one’s purpose to make a lot of money? Money is great, I love having it way more than not having it but it is not my purpose. I understand the more money we make the more we can do for others and the planet and that is even groovier but, purpose?
That leaves a lot of non wealthy people with out purpose then doesn’t it?
I was having a conversation with a dear friend about this subject today. I shared with her as my life goes buy I have had many people thank me for something I did for them, sometimes years ago and share what a difference I made in their life (yes, I am that fuzzy warm nurturing kind of rebel chick) and it often brings me to a stand still because often what they are sharing that was so significant for them was just me caring about them, being a friend or mentor or doing some small thing to help with something or share a conversation and give a hug. Love is powerful. I think Love is everyone’s purpose, and I mean big human love for everyone and the planet. So if you are a big business wheeler dealer or shiny celebrity or great scientist etc. more power to you, we need you to do these great things. As for the rest of us, enjoy your purpose of giving/getting love and go do things that make you happy. Me, I like the freedom I get from working for myself so I can be that nerdy chick and go give get love everywhere I go in my business and personal life. I Love You! Have a purposefully happy life!

Shelley Michael