What Makes Your Ride in Life Unique?

· We are all amazingly different and beautifully the same. We all have a story to tell! ·

March 8, 2017 0 Comments

What makes your ride in life unique? We all have a story to share as each of our journeys connect us together in ways we can never imagine until we tell our stories!
As a youngster I had to survive some intense non conventional parenting (haha, code for bad parents) in which we never fit in. The neighbors didn’t like us, my friends could not come over, I could not go to any of my friends houses so I learned to navigate life outside the ‘mainstream’ of society. Often of the back seat of a Harley Davidson. Swaggie!
As a young adult I ran as far as I could from that life and tried to fit in the conventional world, job at a bank etc…
I couldnt do it! I was miserable watching the cliques of people living in cubicles (again, I didn’t fit in) waiting for the weekend or a paid Monday holiday to plan their lives. I panicked and quit. I have gone on to do many entrepreneurial things. Some successful, some not so much but I find I am grateful for my rebel spirit even when I feel lost. I find myself once again at a place of deep desire for something different for my life. Probably because I realize I have gravitated to main stream work to earn a pay check but some how it never works out the way it looks on paper. I am a tad to woo woo and see life way beyond living in a house in the suburbs and fitting in. (No disrespect to those living that life. I know it works for many people and I am happy for everyone who is happy in their life if it that is their dream. It is just not the life for me, I seem to have a rambling spirit) I never know what is next but always feeling in a space of manifesting the next journey an being very inspired by the idea of living a life on my own terms. This is the beauty of having an online business and working for yourself but not by yourself. I have a fabulous support group and meet so many inspiring and beautiful people in this world outside the main stream. If you find yourself yearning for a different way and having your own business resonates with your spirit I am happy to share my experience with you and help you determine if it is a right fit for you! Keep in mind it is not all glamour and fun. It is a business and it takes grit, commitment and a passionate dedication to yourself and your vision. I know you have it in you!

September 20, 2016

Shelley Michael